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DEAR DIARY – My KL and Singapore Escapade Part 1: “Asia Malaysia – truly Asia”

DEAR DIARY – My KL and Singapore Escapade
Part 1: “Asia Malaysia – truly Asia”

Jan. 10, 2008, Thursday 8:00 pm
This will be my first leaving the country alone and wow am I excited or what? I’ve been planning to visit KL and SG for months now, and my first plan was around December however it’d be a busy time to meet friends and new people since it’d be the holidays, plus prices can be tripled while staying in hotels. So booked my flight for today and here I am at NAIA International Airport. Though alone I just can’t wait the unknown encounters that could happen while I’m there and it just gives me the thrill. By the way, just a week ago I was on the same airport so I could make hated to Dong. Oh I miss him loads, he was on his way to Brunei for work and won’t be back for a year. Just when romance was about to blossom, damn Lady Irony ruined everything just as she planned it! What a bitch!

Anywho, guess who I met while boarding my luggage. Saw Juy from my CVG days and told me she’ll be flying for SG straight and was trying her luck there. We said our goodbyes after a few chukka and head off our separate ways. Called a few friends to say a quick goodbye and then before I knew I was on a plane, on my 3-hour flight to KL, just like a poor kitten scared but keyed up to the world unknown to me…

Jan. 11, 2008 Friday, 1:30 AM - I was got past Malaysian immigration and boy, different kinds of Asian people were everywhere and it just struck me that I was really there, on my own. Wow, I made it alive! Hehe. Just as I was waiting for my cute maroon Delsey luggage, two girls caught my attention since they were both talking in Visayan dialect. I immediately approached then and introduced myself and told them it was my first time. Quickly each of us got along well. However, these were the kind of girls who’d usually hang out at Café Havana in GB3, lurking for Caucasians. True enough, they were close to high-class pokpoks, but I was thrown back by their friendly nature which made us ‘tight’ right away (because sa Globe, tight tayo!). Or maybe I was just being a big Tupperware. Lol. All three of us headed for the city in a big SUV taxi for about 80 RM (Ringgit), approximately 900 PHP which is like the normal rates from the airport to main KL but I still think is ridiculous. Gosh, speaking of taxi, gawd that cab driver was from hell! Bombay-looking mama that I just wanted to bitch-slap right away!

Then we got off, after an hour ride (imagine, an hour ride just from the airport to KL city, with that driver?) and I immediately compared that KL strip for Makati Ave and Burgos street in Pinas with allthe fancy lights scattered all over. Finally we were to look for an affordable hotel for about P1800 a night, we all just wanted to throw off our stuff and look for a place to eat! I was able to scour for a 711 and immediately bought a pack of Marlboro Menthol and we then headed a Chinese resto and before I knew it, I was having my first taste of Malaysian cooked meal – which turned out blah-tasting as I’m not really a big fan of Chinese foods. Hehe.

3:00 pm – I have this Malaysian friend, Vincent who visited Manila a few months back who I kind have a thing with and I asked him to meet me while I’m here in KL and he said yes, why of course why whould he say no? Hehe. He even offered me to stay at his place which was about 30 minutes away. When I saw, gawd he was such a dreamy guy – 5’9”, fair Korean looking bastard, I just wanted to give him a kiss right then and there outside KFC with everyone to see and just start my plan of “Babuyin ang KL and SG” plan but thought otherwise and said to myself that I’d have plenty of time. Hehe. As we were about to leave for his place, I just decided to just look for a better hotel and stay for the night (so we could have nice time together, oh boy my plan was working out quite well) and ditched the botches and told them to keep in touch.
I stayed at this posh little hotel, which was convenient and yeah affordable, and once we got in, I just told Vincent I’d take a shower and once I was done, he just couldn’t take his hands off me, which I willingly obliged to whatever he was planning on doing. Snort snort, wink. Hot encounter number 1.

4:00 pm - Afterwards, we went out for a nice early dinner somewhere nearby, and off we start strolling around town and gave me a nice tour. It was kinda surreal, leisurely walking the streets of KL, again on my own. This was a different vibe as compared to my European tour when I was a teen. It was liberating and the feeling was too much to bear, I was just damn haapppppyyy! We went to this mall, which was very much like Greenbelt 5 but larger and classier. There was also a mini-acrobatic show as the month nearing the Chinese New Year and watched for a bit. Oh twas such a blissful time! I just really fell in love with KL. Streets were clean, had a diverse culture too, with an architecture that spelled success in their business corner which I loved a lot.

Alas, Vincent had to go home that night and promise he’d be back the next morning as he had plans with family which was fine with me. I continued my night stroll alone, Starbucks time while doing wifi business on Nono’s laptop then head home after and slept. I din’t know I was that exhausted and just dozed off before midnight…I remember I had a nice dream that night…

Jan 12, 2008 Saturday, 1:00 pm

Vincent was running late. I was able to transfer to a better hotel, Radius which was better and more comfortable at about 12 noon. II was already settled at my room, Room 931 had a nice view of KL, there was one tower in KL which was all about some IT thingie and the pool below my window. So I texted Vincent to take his time before he meet me so I could have a few hours by myself to look around for a PC. You see I decided to just buy this laptop in KL, Vincent advised me that it’d be cheaper to buy one here. Anyway, off I went to BB plaza around 2ish, went straight to the 4th floor, which to them would be the 3rd floor as the ground floor would be a different level.BB Plaza was quite similar to Greenhills only better as it was all air-conditioned and bigger. First few levels and whew twas already crowded, the 2nd level was already cramped. 2nd level was the cellphone section, while the next one would be computers and peripherals. I just found out it was electronics sale for the whole, oh yeah. You should have seen my haggling skills, I was working it! So I scouted the place for a nice one, I was torn between Acer aspire and a cute white Benq model. I later then settled for the latter which I was a good idea and a good bargain. I mean the specs were quite impressive with loads of freebies. As I was about to leave the place, man was it pouring outside so I just stayed in for awhile, as the rain started to settle down a lil bit, I bravely walked briskly towards my hotel which was probably less than a mile.
At about past 8, I met Vincent. Still the cute guy that he is, I asked him to cuddle up a bit. After awhile off we went walking towards KLCC mall, with the ever-famous Petronas tower was perfectly situated. KLCC mall is more of high-class shopping center with tons of nice shops everywhere. Since both of us were dying to eat dinner, we settled for a nice Chinese resto again and just devoured everything on sight, the menu of course. I was just too overwhelmed with how things are going. I mean back in Manila, I thought I was going to be alone the whole time, thank God for good looks, Vincent was smitten. Hehe. After the nice feast, we wandered around and there I saw a huge man-made lake at the back of KLCC mall, and yeah people just all over. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without photo ops. Click here and there, I was just having one hell of a good time.

Jan. 13, 2008 12:00 midnight - We decided for a trip to Starbucks which almost made the night complete. As an almost Starbucks freak, I just happily sipped my fave Caramel Frap and talked
with Vincent. Just as V was also busy surfing (as I brought my laptop along, oh and by the way, there’s like free wifi service everywhere in KL, much to say about as compared here in Manila, bullshit!), I texted another Malaysian guy who I met through a gay website and decided we’d meet him at the hotel. V was very excited as he said he liked the guy since I showed him a picture as V said he‘s seen him around and was cuti-fied, much to my delight.

Off we went back to the hotel, V and I took a quick shower and once the other Malaysian guy was downstairs in the lobby, we hurried down to meet him. At first V said that if in case he wasn’t that good-looking, I’d be the one to shrub him off which eventually did not happen at all. His name was Fred, about 5’7” tall,a medium built chinito-mestizo Flight Attendant and damn hot. I was just trying to feel the vibe if he’d be interested. Much to my delight, he was even he one who asked if we could go back to my hotel room. We’ve talking non-sense before that, trying to get to know each other before we finally got the hint we were after. A go signal and we didn’t waste time. First I was on the right side of the bed, V on the left while we sandwiched F in the middle. V was quite aggressive and started his way on F, and F working his way on me. Kissing and caressing and hands just groping things that needed to be done. One by one, clothes were being thrown all over and next thing I know we were all, gosh (surprised) naked. Am I really going to do this by details everyone? I mean what do three hot sexual guys in a room would do? All I know now is that I never regretted that moment I texted F as it was the best three way ever and even went on to two rounds. LOL. What can I do, I’m a young man who has needs. Although I felt guilt-ish over Dong, again I’m only human. Boy I really had a fantastic time, something that I never expected would happen while I was vacationing this wonderful place named KL. Sadly F had to leave at around 6 am as he had an early flight and kissed each other goodnight. Right after F left, V and I went on for third round…you hot yet? Two hot guys in one night Superguy? Not bad.

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