Friday, August 8, 2008

True ‘Fwendship’ Never Ends

True ‘Fwendship’ Never Ends

August 3, 2008 – the night after my birthday, my date - Rob and my supah-friend Charisse and I were on our way to Dampa in Macapagal. My good, no, make that terrific friends and I made plans a week or two ago to plan a combined birthday bash for the Leo bitches who’ll be celebrating the month of, of course the Leo’s of the zodiac. It was also an excuse to just unwind and spend a lot of money and de-stress and laugh and drink the night away and not think about the stress work has on us. It was also some sort of a despida for one of our good friend, Eumir and her boyfriend, who’ll be leaving for SG very soon whom we’ll miss a whole lot.

All of us have actually met in the same company we’re at now, and Charisse was the first one to leave the group, or shall we say was able to escape from “her” (remember the song ‘She’s Out Of My Life’ – referring to ‘her chubbynessence’). We’ve been in the same old company for more than 3 years now and we’ve all been friends for almost the same quantity of time and it has and will always be a fun ride. You see, being a Leo, I’m very loyal to my friends, especially the one’s I’ve made connection with (not just the yosi-kardada but more than that of course). I feel it’s my obligation never to let anything stir up and break the group. These are people who, without a blink, I’d die for. Well, not to that extent but close. I know they’d also do the same. Right? Right? I hear a yes somewhere.

Every morning on a work day, we’d usually have our Daily Dose – it’s just the usual gathering which normally happens around 4 or 5 in the morning, we’d eat and right after smoke a stick of yosi or two. You see, I’ve grown accustomed to this set-up that our day wouldn’t be complete without it. When good friends Gelai and Mike resigned from the company, somehow we felt empty. Then came Jowi, then we’re back. Our office setting is never complete without any good news, or chika be it from husband’s coming home and the the fights or BF fights, food, places (ie Singapore or Canada) and yeah good ol’ dependable sex trips. Har Har. We’d talk anything that can be thought of. Yes, our bunch can be very rowdy most of the time, and I take pride that we are the ‘Opposition’ from the corrupt bitches at work, who like to not only like think of ‘crab-mentality’ as a sport but also have a tonful of love for kissing large asses. But beyond it all, it was really the bond I had the most affection for. Just being with smart, talented, quirky, fun-loving bitches can be a thrill.

Of course, in any relationship, there would be hard times like for the first time Cha and I had an arguments after a long time of all fun and laughter. Cha had her point, I had mine (which made more sense than hers, hehe) and thinking about it now makes me teary-eyed as I don’t want anything to stain our relationship. Not just with Cha, but with the rest of the old hags. I thank God, Nono is not pikon and so is Borne or I delightfully call Nang. Ketchie, Jowi and Eumir, I hope you’d still hang in there. Remember this bitches, we can fight all day, all night but remember the times we’ve been together and hopefully that’d make sense that it’s not worth the fight, hands-down, ah-ah not worth to lose the precious ‘fwendship’ we’ve had.
So, back to Dampa - we were scouring for that damn Along Tonya’s place, and the fucking rain just won’t help. Raining cats and dogs will never help. But it did for that one time and so we went. There were just a few of us, and eventually the place came about with familiar faces that I love. We ate, drank, ate again, made jokes and had snorty laughs, ate again, bitched around, whine sometimes, and do some photo ops here and there, flirt with the waiter, flirt with the dates, gossiped, smoked our lungs out, ate again, and lastly sang our hearts out with the good ol’ dependable karayo-keee. God, it was nice to keep singing and singing and a lil dancing here and there.

Then came the sad songs. We all know Eumir would be leaving in a few days and we’ll never know when we’ll ever see his medyo mestiza/medyo chinta face again, so some guys were already crying. At that point, I couldn’t feel the sadness yet. Being a Leo, I hate sad moments and I was fighting hard not to let the rain drops on my eyes fall. Although I’ll miss Eumir terribly, I just kept thinking, I’ll see bakla again come January when it’ll be my turn to say bye-bye to Pinas. What I’ll probably miss out about Eunice the most will be our coffee and yosi moments where any topic can be touched on like crraaayyy-zy. He being a Leo too, we’d both have the same interest and pet-peeves, same thing with Cha and Jowi, it was always a nice feeling to have the same interests and could relate on it much. Nono, Borne and Ketchie were trying to fight hard not to weep, I know they’ll miss the bayot too but they were probably smiling at the thought of Eumir who told Cutler “Kalami mag-palobot!”. Haha.

But beyond all that, I guess it was really the thought that each one of use were ‘growing’. I mean people are moving on with their lives, and it’s a sad fact since we all have plans, a better future and I know eventually we’ll be apart in distance at one point or another and it saddens me. This ‘fwendship’ the we unknowingly nurtured over the years could be torn apart in distance. Thank God for technology, we can catch up with our Daily Dose on YM! Or maybe, catch a plane and just visit each other. Why not? That’s the power of money and efficient transportation can do these days.

Ten years from now, I’ll see Cha – a very successful entrepreneur with tons of Char! Cupcakes branches scattered all over Pinas, and some within Asia and in the US and even surmounted the success of Krispy Kremes, and is the reason why some people are overweight because of those delightful Tiramisu cupcakes! Cha is also the CEO of her own modeling agency which is headed by no other than her two incredibly looking daughters, Charm and Bianca! Nono – a headstrong business woman who now resides in the US with her own brand of cosmetics, and a merchandiser of high-fashion designer clothing which had famous actresses and actors all over the world flocking towards her, and was even responsible of hooking a well-respected, good-looking closeted actor to me. Borne – who now has 2 kids, a boy and girl with the love of his life who at the same time, is the head honcho of a business she thought of innovatively while mountain climbing Mt. Apo! Borne also juggles her time surfing and has numerous international awards up her sleeve! Eumir – happily married now to Paolo who are both now Canadian immigrants and are living a life both have never thought of – owning a successful club that surpassed the height of popularity and success of Club 54, and oh yeah an adopted boy, ironically named Raji. From time to time, their family would travel all over Europe and send me expensive gifts to cities they’ve been to. Meanwhile, Jowi is now the Mayor of Bagiuo City and is currently on her second seat – the first ever woman of the third sex to be appointed of such and is well-loved by everyone because of her kind-heart and smart decisions. Jowi was also responsible of making Bagiuo City had its first annual Ice Capital in Southeast Asia for an invention she made which lowered the temperature and had for the first time, snow! Thank God to ukay-ukay, everyone were able to get a hand of those winter jackets. And Ketchie, oh this girl is a blast. She was able to fulfill her dream of being a Flight Attendant on her 30th birthday and just a few months after was promoted to head mistress because of a flight incident wherein she was able to save thousands of passengers by preventing food poison. I was one of those lucky bastards as I was on my way home to Maui. Ketchie of course had a few more Keisha’s and one little boy name Dexter Jr. Ketchie juggles her time with her business appropriately named “D Homemaker Etc” which is a uber-successful catering business which has Madame Arroyo going gaga over her famous French toast! Another loved-one namely Terry also had a few shares of luck. Terry who is now a famous comedienne, who was already successful here in Pinas and even had Ai-Ai de las Alas as back-up, was finally smitten by the Hollywood scene wherein he is now the lead for the new season of Will and Grace, he being Grace. As for me, ever wondered what happened to good ol’ me? Still keeping the ‘fwendship’ intact, and of course I was the sole scientist who invented the cure for Ate Aida and Cancer of everything. But that’s just a maybe, as I could have been a famous runway director, or simply just married a filthy-rich, hunky and good-looking, intellectual, well-endowed sex maniac billionaire who aside from his multi-national businesses here and abroad, only lives and breathes for me and I became a simple housewife, who not only spends our riches with no guilt on food, clothing, cars and houses, also found the habit to cook meals and tends for the kids.

So I take this opportunity to thanks all my good, no terrific and fabulous friends: Cha, Eumir, Nono, Borne, Ketchie and Jowi for being there with me through though thick and thin and through sick and sin, and wishing our ‘fwendship’ would never end. Thank you to my other good friends namely Karen (I miss you girl), Anne, Paula, Gretch, Terry (who I adore so much), Ruthy (asus), Yan Uy (musta na day? Miss you buang), Nina and Mary (my pretty friends from CVG, miss you bitches), Gelai, Mike, Clarke, Aimee, Dee, Jed Avik, Trina and of course to my dear ol’ best friend in Tate, Cris who will forever be cherished. I miss you and I hope to see you soon biatch. The end.
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Eumir said...

glad to be a part of this fwendship! as we know it, time and distance may separate us but it cant truly take us apart. miss you upper east side bitches :)

charisse said...

shucks! so miss the group... it makes me regret leaving the office because i don't get to see you bitches everyday... daily dose sessions... okrayan... haha...

wing, i'm glad you're always dropping by my place or even just meeting up at KK mega just for our saturday afternoon chats... those coffee/frap sessions keep me up to date with all the chika.

basta, i'm just around you know that.

luvya fwendships!